Jew-els for Jewels

Sooooo I’m hosting my first event at our home this Friday actually its for my mother in-law’s Jewelry company kinda like the Avon of Jewelry in sorts. I never really do things like this, as so it has appeared friends within my network don’t attend or purchase costume jewelry and if they do its for work or church and for the cheap. Not to say the jewelry is mega expensive, they have some REALLY nice pieces. I have even purchased one or two items but I digress. I’ll post an update after the event but this post is really concerning a few other things.

1) My anxiety or seemingly so about having more than 3-4 people in my NEW and UNFINISHED okay…(work in progress) home.

2) If women will enjoy this show and purchase pieces giving me the go ahead I need to either participate or just host as a help to others from time to time.

3) Having folks in our NEW and UNFINISHED home…oh wait did I say that already?

As I stated in earlier posts after the long wait my husband and I finally found a place to call home after a 2yr yes 2 hiatus on having our own place its a LONG story. Now that we have it and we are decorating, painting, purchasing, cleaning, and updating here and there as we can in this seemingly 50s ok 80s style ranch home I’m just a tad bit apprehensive of having people that don’t see my vision.

Most are friends, family, and church members so that’s fine and they know me (some) so that should be okay…right? On the surface to be honest we (my husband and I) know where the house has been and how it got to where it is now. Lord-y JESUS it took hard work and elbow grease and we have yet to be even halfway complete. One thing I know I tend to stress a bit over things like this and it usually turns out fine. I’m noooooo Martha Stewart but one of the many things I’ve gotten from my mother (God bless her) is my taste for all things home, decor, and how to cata-corner anything (did I spell that correctly)?

A couple of our older places we’ve had I neglected to invite people over for fear of what they would think and we have had some REALLY nice places and some well lets say shabby-chic places and it always bothered me that no one ever got to see our progress and hard work. Though I don’t think I should have to invite people over unless I’m having an “event” by the time we stopped “shooing” away visits if you will we were on the verge of moving out and all was in boxes etc. I always said I would appreciate my next place and that once it was in any condition to be seen I would take a deep breathe and invite or use what I have to entertain and have friends and family over. This has always been something I wanted to do and especially to move away from visiting others soo much. I feel like I have been the primary visitor to a LOT of friends past and present always trying to get out of my own house and now its my turn. Don’t EVERYONE try and visit at once (family) lol just kidding *raises pinky to mouth and swipes* or ammmm I.

So this Friday will be my first attempt at hopefully many more events in the times to come. I’ll have my recap over the weeks end.

Ciao 😉


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