The After Party

Its been a few days since my last post and rightfully so a lot has transpired, oh what can take place in a day. Last I spoke of my jewelry party to which (for this particular one) I invited 37 individuals (no I wasn’t expecting the entire 37 to attend) but I did however hope for a good 12-15 and only 5 showed. I trust as in everything the individuals that attended were meant to be there. I got several revelations that evening interestingly enough which I’m mentally debating if I’ll include but I digress. The party turned our to be awesome unfortunately I have NO PHOTOS! Yes, none, nada, nunca, zilch, zip, zero photos. Having an event with just 5 people plus the hostess, and my own family and a few children was more work than I thought. I had everything just the way I liked for the exception of the RSVP party and my attempt at rice con cilantro (bad Chipotle attempt) the crazy thing is that folks really ate it. 

All in all we had a few laughs, good fun and conversation, a request for a future event at my place, and even a few jewelry sales. Will I join the company I hosted for well…the jury is still out on that but some may feel like its an opportunity I should seize due in part to the fact that Friday was also the last day at a small gig I had. It wasn’t anything major but it was everything by way of the lessons it taught me, and the way God used it for my good and that of various family and situations over the past year and a half. I’ll save those lessons for another post. Moving on there were so many things I took away from hosting this event at my home that I’d be remiss not to share a few.

1) Don’t be afraid to use your digs for groups larger than two regardless of the size or condition.
 -I am classically known to always want to have events and always claim to one day host or plan an event in my home but there is always something seemingly hindering it from happening. Either I don’t feel my home is prepared enough, maybe its unfinished, perhaps I don’t have enough furniture or people will look at my place and wonder why its incomplete and not appreciate the fact that its a work in progress. All of these things are only issues if I allow them to be but my REAL friends who know, love, and understand me will not only see past my own idiosyncrasies but see what I cannot. Every home I’ve had within my marriage for the exception of one has never been totally complete (by complete I mean up to my finished standard as I am always forever decorating, changing etc). I have managed to keep many at bay from even visiting from fear of them seeing my digs in this light when really I have had some pretty decent places and above all these are my friends right? Shouldn’t…wouldn’t…couldn’t they understand?

2) Folks have a problem with RSVP?
-I’m not exactly sure what makes us all so apprehensive about RSVP but myself included have not RSVP’d for events (seldom so) and still attended. At least I had some sort of contact with the host but its something about clicking that darn button!

3) Not everyone is as die-hard on event and visit-loyalty (yes I made that up) as I am.
-I recently realized I had a problem with saying no, I thought this problem just existed in the academic and professional arenas as I always took on more than I could chew always finding a way in the end to work it out. However I later realized it wasn’t just in those areas, it was affecting my entire life. “Yes I can do it”, “Sure no problem”, “…just text me a reminder”, “Oh sure I can attend”, “…yes it has been a long time since I visited I’ll come by.” All of these examples are real life scenarios I have experienced at one time or another. Things I’ve stated and sometimes do knowing I either am pressed for time, have a family of my own, want to sleep in, or any other of the plethora of reasons I could insert (here). Why do we overwork, overbook, ourselves? Well I can’t speak for you but I know at the end of the day at lot of the people we tend to do this for would never do it for us (let us not forget the people that may do it sometimes for us or the ones who may every once in a while and them find you guilty at your first no). Out of the 37 ladies I invited to this jewelry party that I tried scheduling only a mere 3 times prior, only 5 attended. I could have told you that 3 out of the 5 were more than likely to attend anyway but some of the other 32 that were left I have so much time invested in their past activities, events, and visiting their homes that they should really cut me a check. Yup I said it PAY ME! Lol. Seriously I feel as though folks forget about that but they are quick to invite you to something and have an attitude if you can’t show (no I din’t say don’t I SAID CAN”T). 

There was one more lesson I was to share in this post however after number three I felt so inclined to share an updated Facebook status on saying no and the like, by the time I get off my proverbial soapbox I forgot number four. With that said, there’s always next time.


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