So that its not misconstrued lol I love and am in love with my husband just like a lot of other wives I’m at the point where I can honestly say every day ain’t roses and sometimes he gets on my nerves and I want to slap the back portion of his neck with my grandma’s old house shoe. IJS. Moving on…thought I’d share and re-share for some who know me personally my Facebook post on our recent 7th anniversary this year. 🙂 Be forewarned I’m known to go overboard on the hashtags sometimes.
“Eight years ago today a Prince per-missioned a King and Queen to marry they’re princess. 7 years ago today a new King and Queen formed and shortly thereafter birthed a new princess. The family has continued to grow in love, in grace, and in Christ. As the years go by we’ve loved hard and sometimes fought just as much. They say however anything worth having is worth a fight so as we continue to chase these years to deposit into our ‘wedding bank’ lets fight stereotypes, generational curses, and the naysayers. I love you literally more today than I ever have and the man you’re destined to become is on the horizon. Thank you for loving me through the good, the bad, and the ugly and in return allowing Christ through you to teach me how to do the same. Let’s continue to knock out these goals by the minute, hour, and by the day. Today has been been interesting starting off with a sickly child, and now me being hit with the same food poisoning. Papi has been beyond a trooper, first with our munchkin only to come home and find now the wife sick in bed…imagine his face lol. All of this on ‘thee day’ but I thank God munchkin is feeling better by the hour and I will soon. Cheers to good dads and husbands if you have one let him know, and if you are awaiting one work on yourself that you may be everything God desires you be and more tied w/ a pretty little bow waiting to be unwrapped. #itsmyanniversary #7 #teamallison #teammarriage #teamJesus”


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