Its been a long time, it appeared that my love for blogging went out of the window. Either that or my new found appreciation for “picture-blogging” (Instagram/Pinterest) had overtaken Tumblr.

I reviewed some of my posts and was astounded at my own openness. I cringed for a second at the liberty I’ve felt in times past through the posts shared here and I hoped I was doing right by my family, standards and most importantly myself with the content I’ve shared.

I know the majority of the posts have come from very open places and spaces in my life as well as a time in which I really wanted to allow myself to be vulnerable. Sometimes in hindsight that proves not to be such a great thing. Though I’m not sure if anyone reads or not, as I have invited some and closed invitations to others in times past; its my honest hope that the posts are taken for what they are or were at the time posted…nothing more and definitely nothing less.

With that said I feel as though I’m in a place to commit to leaving a few thoughts here and there. I guess I should spare my Facebook friends lmbo as they have gotten the brunt of my more retrospective moments in the last few months. I have most definitely stretched the restraints of 140 characters to extended posts and even further to what was probably “note” worthy postings (do folks still write notes on Facebook) to say the very least.

Just in time for the holidays lol I’m backkkkkkkk and boy do I have a few things to share.

Happy Blogging and in my case…reading 😉



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