She’s Sick…

At lot of time since my last post has passed, I have been going back and forth within myself as what I should post and not. I’m in a very free place so I often tell my business like its nothing. Part of me knows I really should reserve some things but there’s such a freedom to release it its like when my fingers hit the keys they know no boundaries, besides I’m not really aware if many even read the posts. With that said before I dig into tonight’s post here’s a mini-recap. This month I turned another year older my birthdays are generally a big deal to me as I was raised that birthdays are BIG business but this year besides my usual “jumping on the bed ritual” in which my daughter took part in this year my only plans were to enjoy what I could, seize the day, and as one of my best friends says best “let-it-flow”. I ended up spending the day alone (hubby worked, and mija was in school) it was a wonderful day of me time.  This month the beautiful home we’ve been creating from near ruins would likely to be snatched right from under us if the owner had her way she decided she wants to rent to the house for 300 more than we pay and are willing to pay so much so she has requested we move a month earlier than our agreed upon lease ends so she can have section-8 tenants inhabit the home at a price point she desires with which they don’t care about due solely to the that they have a large voucher towards their rental fees. My munchkin will graduate Kindergarten soon and will be attending a new school in which we have no idea where that will be so I will title it “The Great Summer Decision 2012” it adds such dramatic flare doesn’t it? Lol. The funny thing is it really will be the great summer debate for more reasons than one but mostly because we are on a more strenuous time-clock than most kindergarten graduates due to Munchkin’s birthday. I quit my job due to some tom foolery that unfortunately cannot be discussed here but seeing as though I’m a free agent again there are sooooo many things running through my mind about what to do with my time. I pray God leads and guides me I don’t want to open a door that should remain closed. So perhaps this is more than a mini-update eh???? Today is day 3 of my battling a cold or flu I’ve been sick all weekend. I missed several events my own birthday celebration which was to be a bbq weather permitting. My niece’s (and birthday twin’s) birthday party, and some other events as well dealing with soooo much inclusive of this cold. UGH! I’ve been sleeping in long shifts and all achy its horrible. The hubby has been somewhat at my beck and call but tonight he just clunked out. Is it just me or do all wives experience their husbands falling asleep on them when you ask for a back rub??? Anyway, I found the strength to get up and find some food in this empty house and take some meds, seeing as though I’m the grocery shopper and I’ve been sick so…we have what we have.  Its my first time at the computer in 3 days and as soon as I sit down and think about blogging what little pitter patter do I hear? Yep you guessed it…THE MUNCHKIN is WIDE awake. Oh Lordy help me I think her blanky, a cup of milk, and a night light are in order along with Sprout or Nick Jr. on the old tele because mommy is N-O-T staying up tonight. Ciao 😉 P.S. There may be mad typos I’ll fix them in the am my eyes are beginning to go blurry gnite folks!


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