I saw a portion of this on the news and looked it up to watch. I’m totally no good after minute 21:47. There’s a lot that can be said and judgements easily made of our President, this incident and layers of injustice everywhere. As a mother I weep and I’ve wept for those affected and prayed and will continue to pray for God’s love, peace, and compassion to be shared around the world. This is not the first time our world has been torn apart by tragedy and even in the wake of this tragedy I realize overseas scenes alike Connecticut play out in churches, homes, playgrounds, huts, market places, and sahara’s everyday. I’m grateful my family wasn’t affected and I have yet another day and chance to hold my child and tell her I love her but ultimately even though mommy and daddy are charged to do all we can to protect her, it isn’t us who she should ultimately and only rely on.

The day before this incident during my time of prayer, reflection, and scripture reading I read from Psalms 127. It amazes me now how the scripture resonates with me in verse 1 it says “…Except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.” No matter all the precautions we take, training we have, love we give etc all of everything we do is in vain totally without Christ. I got ahead of myself as that point is brought out in the first few verses of the chapter and the verse I referenced was one that hit me later as my mind began to ask questions on what I could do in my own community to add protective measures with my child. For a constant analyzer like myself sometimes one thought becomes another and then I’m connecting dots that aren’t even there in an anxious attempt to leave no issue out or stone unturned.

Better is it to have one day with Jesus, than a million without Him. My prayer is that everyone affected directly and indirectly is comforted and that people near and far are saved, delivered and made free and whole by the power of Jesus Christ. If you are not a believer that’s your choice however, if you desire to be there is a simple prayer you can pray and if you truly believe it in your heart, repent for your sins, and find a bible-based church you can and will be saved. I will end this post with that prayer.

“Father in the name of Jesus I need you and now I ask for forgiveness of my sins knowing you’re the only one that can make me new. Come into my life and my heart, I accept you as my Lord and savior. I believe you died for my sins and that you rose again on the third day just for me. Be my Lord and my God and order my steps from this day forward, as I now denounce everything not like Christ and pick up everything that is Father in the name of Jesus, Amen!”


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