Status Jacker

So I’m heavy on my personal Facebook at times (work in progress) I’ve gotten much better I’m proud to report. I don’t think I’ve ever posted those idiotic random posts like (________) you fill in the blank. However I am known to be quite verbal on thoughts, ideas, and my likes and dislikes about…well…EVERYTHING.

With that said I post and I respond.

Yesterday an old school friend, fellow mum (don’t email me yes I know I’m American), and sister in Christ posted about basically changing her mindset on how she will raise her kids and what she resolves to do in 2013. I had just had a conversation about parenting, wife-hood, and Christ only hours before and post-happily dropped a HUGE comment on her status.

I’ll close my post with it here but felt you needed the background. I later removed the post realizing not only were there massive grammatical errors due to my haste lol, but it was the longest of only 3 other comments (I assumed later all her family), and I felt like I hijacked her status lbvvs. I deleted it and saved it for this forum.

“I love this status! I so agree and furthermore its wonderful to see mother’s who not only give their all to their kids but understand that material possessions though fun and sometimes rewarding…are not what make that happen. The time you spend and the lessons you create as a mother will last in their hearts and minds forever! More importantly, the truths you walk in and the life you live especially with and for Christ will not only guide them later by example but strengthen them, create resilience, blaze trails, but also break generational curses. To anyone that tells you to differently or that all to well known “it don’t take all that” or you’re too involved etc etc welp…everyone has they’re own ways, opinions, and ideologies so we can agree to disagree but respect how I (you) decide how to raise your kids. *drops mic*


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