Meatless Monday

Watching “The Chew” today one of my most favorite shows that has absolutely pushed my experimental cooking side (as if all my cooking wasn’t experimental already), on today’s show “Meatless Monday” the dishes they prepared were all meatless.

The show’s premise surprised me as I figured the theme was a product of writers for “The Chew” however, “Meatless Monday” is an actual food trend. Though I’m not a vegetarian I nor my family eat beef or pork products except the occasional hot-dog or can of ravioli for my munchkin and a fast-food burger the hubby may purchase oh and a few beef items I allow myself annually (snicker). Before you email me about what is MY decision for my family let me say, my husband and daughter have and do eat both from time to time at say…parties or barbeque’s. I just don’t and will not cook these particular meats at home.

Due to this small fact I tend to eat more fish and poultry but the majority of my meals consist of dairy, vegetables, and grains, and because of this the meals I cook and consume tend to range from vegan to pescatarian with poultry influences. So the fact I hadn’t heard of “Meatless Monday” really puzzled me.

No matter where you are preference wise with meat, with good seasoning, care, and love put into a meal I’ve found meat or not the meal can still taste fantastic! With that said I have decided to try this foodie trend for dinner tonight and see what the fam has to say about it after I sneak it into tonight’s menu and perhaps the Allison dinner repertoire 😉


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