When Mommy’s Sick…

I have been down with the flu for about 7 whole days. My first day out of the house was officially yesterday and the day before that was my first official day out of bed as I wasn’t one with a cold mimicking the flu I had the full blown flu attempting here and there to mimic a cold. All the while being sick I functioned as best I could sometimes walking with my eyes closed just to make it to the bathroom. From what I could see my husband was doing an excellent job holding down the house and my munchkin, almost unbelievably so.

Upon as I said having my first real day out of the bed I went to use the bathroom and was in total horror of what I saw lol. It was like a crime scene of products, dirt, and smears. I wondered how this had escaped me eyes how it could appear so clean. My daughter’s room was a mess, the kitchen though dishes washed and put away it still lacked a certain women’s touch (ahem…cleaning). Just every room needing what seemed like my “special” touch and it was almost so overwhelming I didn’t know how to attack it.

Finally I just began where I could and took a rest to lay down and then would begin again and take another rest when I needed. Until finally somehow I had completed one whole room. I have since then finally went through the house as much as I could and feel much better.

I even learned while really ill my husband did my daughter’s hair. Ah-mazing! I am so grateful that he was around and helped as I know not all husband’s do (though they should as husband and wives both should). I’m not sure how a single mom would’ve have handled this though I know they survive sickness and worse everyday.

When mom is sick it appears everything is just shut down lol.


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