My City

I miss downtown Chicago even in winter. The crisp air, the night sky, the classic skyline, LSD after dark. It seems to have been forever since I’ve been what I call “in my element”.

There’s something about hitting the city border…for me the feeling appears right at the cusp of the Hyde Park community. Perhaps there are my fondest memories. I grew up there mostly and then there was South Shore. Once I get to that HP border I feel safe. Like the weights of the world can no longer touch me.

The city for me is
The deepest blues
The darkest purples
Fresh air
Bright yellow
The tightest beat
The dopest pair of kicks
The best lyrics
The most beautiful poems
A smile on my daughter’s face
Where I found love
Fell in love
Had a bunch of “firsts”
And a few lasts

My city. If the city means ALL this to me tell me why I’d ever try and leave? I have to admit I have contemplated it many times. Is MY city still the same? They want downtown to look like NY, and Hyde Park to look like Lincoln Park, but deep down under it all its still MY city.


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