Distance Learning

Many times in life we learn, are encouraged, or persuaded to be and do better at a distance. Sometimes a person will never know the good or even the harm they cause if not informed. I have never been one not to tell people my feelings or speak my mind (sometimes to my detriment) but I decided a few years back that I would speak the truth and with Christ’s help the truth in love. I’m currently a work in progress but I digress.

There is a blog I subscribe to called “Double Saving Divas”. The twin sisters that founded and edit this blog post they’re thoughts, ideas, and tips on saving money most times on everyday purchases. They share coupons and freebies from all over the internet. I have taken part in a lot of the deals they post and used coupons as well. However I never knew that they’re blog would be a bigger blessing to me.

The blogs I read and email blasts I receive from them usually include a simple one scripture verse from the bible. In times past when I found it difficult to read the bible or to find the words applicable to my own life, I always read the one included scripture from the email blasts I received. Some days it would be all I read but EVERY single time the scripture I read was so encouraging. Fast forward to today…which has just seemingly been a terrible day and I read yet again the included scripture from the email and it encouraged me. So much so that I decided to reach out and let the founders and editors of “Double Saving Divas” Tai and Tarin Perry know just how much. Directly after I emailed them I received a lovely response that I wanted to share.

“Hi Tonisha,
We can’t begin to tell you how your email touched our hearts. It is our desire to please God in everything we do. We know how difficult it can be for those who are living for Christ to share their faith in fear of loosing clients/followers. Just recently we received a negative message from someone who does not like us sharing scriptures but would rather see deals. We have to answer to God first and foremost. You have blessed us on today. We are encouraged to continue on serving God.
Your Sisters in Christ,
Tai and Tarin”

Wonderful isn’t it? Moral of the story you ask? Matthew 5:16 KJV but of course. “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”


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