My Thoughts On Rain

What is it about rain that is so soothing to people? To be totally honest I hate rain. I hate getting wet, what it does to my shoes, my clothes, my HAIR, heck; even my attitude seems to change when it rains. But every now and again it rains and I’m cool with it.

I know my acceptance or nonacceptance of it matters not and its silly of me to seemingly be disgusted with 1) something I can’t stop and 2) a precious resource we all need in some capacity, but…I can’t help it.

Luckily today for me its raining and it happens to be a day I’m “cool” with it. The sound seems to be…well “soothing” so much so I’ve turned off my idiot box and soon the lights just to sit and bask in the very sound. Its cleansing for the streets and keeps the idiots (hopefully) at bay (in doors tonight) from doing well…

I’m long winded I guess.

Tonight I’m thankful for the rain and what it kind of simulates in my life. I’m going through either a “rainy” or drought-ish period however you look at the 2 extremes neither are in balance. If it flip this coin and look through my positively rose colored glasses if I’m in a drought I need the rain…right? If its rainy, I should store some of this rain for periods of drought…right?

That’s a balanced way to look at things.

Well its January 29Th in Chicago (or nearby) its almost 50 degrees and raining in the dead of winter. Its breezy and folks in my neighborhood have opened their windows to let in some of this unbelievably good weather.

Tomorrow the forecast calls for snow…


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