In A Sentimental Mood

My heart aches for anyone and everyone affected or a victim of senseless violence. It still puzzles me every time a new story hits the media how in this day and age more isn’t able to be done to keep people safe. I’m not naive to the fact that EVERYONE can’t be saved EVERYWHERE but I reconcile that really disgusting fact with my faith in Christ knowing He saves, delivers, and avenges. I also keep things in perspective as best I can believing God’s plan for us all even those affected by crisis, illness, and violence plays a greater part in God’s strategic plan for our individual lives and the world at large.

On the surface things will NEVER totally make sense and though the very thought of not being able to “rationalize” things on a level of my basic human comprehension sucks majorly I know and choose to believe God works strategically and seemingly magically. Weaving together a plan so seamlessly that encompasses the greatest good, the furthest reach, and saving multitudes. Its also an attempt to help US utilize our “choice” or God-given WILL at many things for greater purposes and plans. Yet and still with all the stories, and even all the faith I have hearing the news of countless vicious acts etc and knowing there are hundreds more that don’t get media coverage saddens me to say the very least.

Being a mother of a small child I think hearing crimes against small children hurts me the most, not to the point that I live in fear (thank God) but more so that I live in constant thankfulness to Jesus that my child continues to be safe by His blessings and covering. These were my thoughts this am based my recent knowledge on stories like Hadiya Pendleton, the children of CT, even Trayvon Martin whose death for many may seem like “old news” but never so tidy that his parents can just tuck the loss of their child away in their back pocket as WE do (in a sense) after continuously hearing about an incident and becoming desensitized to it. Don’t believe me? Ask yourself the last time you heard the wale of a siren in your neighborhood if you were intrigued or didn’t even notice?

Most recently this am I heard the story of the 5yr old boy in Alabama kidnapped at gunpoint on a school bus as a man shot the driver and took this child to an underground cavern built seemingly for “doomsday” equipped for months of survival. Lord hear our cry as we repent that you may as your word declares “…hear from heaven…forgive (our) sin, and..heal (our) land(s).” 2Chron. 7:14 KJV


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