There is a guy that I see everyday when I pick up my daughter from school. I found myself seemingly a bit irritated by his presence and it bothered me because generally I’m not initially bent either way towards people without a decent reason or so I thought. Everyday this guy is “posted” leaning on a pole and seemingly he just knows he’s fresh. Got the latest kicks, totally logo(ed) out, flashy jewels and he’s got his Beats headphones on and iPhone and other gadgets on deck waiting for whomever he picks up. Everyday same thing. I began to make myself politely smile until his presence no longer bothered me. During which time I asked the Lord why does he appear to be on display and more importantly why does it bother me? He has never spoken one word, only stared seemingly saying notice me with his eyes and well of course his gear. Once I began driving to pick up my munchkin, I saw him less and less until recently I noticed him coming from a house that I happen to park in front of daily as I await for the bell to ring. When he began to walk however I noticed he was disabled and even more so quite crippled. His limbs seemingly bent in a way from preventing him from running let alone walking, yet he walks to pick up kids everyday, I have even caught him running across the street attempting to dodge cars. I was pleased that I approached my thoughts toward him as I did but a little saddened at my initial judgemental nature by what appeared to be true. Here I was almost disturbed by an individual I knew not, he never bothered me, never spoke only stood and stared (admittingly like a walking plugger or commercial for 1000 brands) but minding his business nonetheless. As I watched him dodging cars to cross the street I was overcome with emotion as he faithfully in his condition goes to pick up whomever and perhaps its his only task for the day. Perhaps his only chance to be seen is by the people in passing to get their kids or the looks he may receive from others when they notice his designer clothing and knack for trendy tech toys. Why am I sharing this? Well…throughout your day or within your neighborhood etc and all they may desire is to be noticed. You’ll never know the story behind their eyes, it may be easy to assume or JUDGE but resolve not to. Instead use simple kindnesses it may very well be the only kindness they receive all day.


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