No Pain, No Love

Why is it that we NEED undesirable experiences to make us appreciate the better ones? Where is the unwritten rule that suggests without pain we couldn’t comprehend love? Alike many that ponder this age old phenomenon I haven’t got the answer…per se. What I do have is a handful of seemingly ripe examples within my own life that certainly attest to this philosophy. I am a product of a divorce and though there’s tons of lessons there are two I most identify with. Being married myself I a) desire to make my marriage work and not allow my daughter to feel the pain I have and b) will not waste my youth away with a person in a stale relationship after giving it my all if it doesn’t work out. Another prime example would be my health scare of 2000. It wasn’t “serious” like say…Cancer (thank God and my prayers to anyone affected by that ugly illness) but it was my first time being hospitalized and has affected my life sense then in a variety of ways. Somehow I got Pancreatitis (in college go figure) as well as Gastritis (and no it isn’t just being gassy). I was hospitalized for various lengths of time the longest stint being 8 days. There have been endless tests, ER visits, and smaller hospital stays. However each time I incurred Gastritis (the Pancreatitis never returned) I seemingly grew more understanding, grew in grace, in love, and in Christ. I often wondered why I’m so retrospective during hard times like both the experiences I shared but I’ve come to the realization that I just am.

I’ve come to appreciate the solace developed and have since looked or even safely to say yearned for that more retrospective side of myself. Of course I’d much rather do without the side of pain either emotional or physical but if it gets me to my better self or helps me view life and the world at large in the matter Christ would have me to receive it all; then bring it on.


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