Does He Know?

Somehow earlier last week I accidentally found a Brandy video for which the song has stayed with me and hit home. The song is titled, “Do You Know What You Have”. Around the same time I found this song or it found me, the hubby and I weren’t seeing eye to eye. We all know in marriages this type of thing occurs so its nothing new but this particular time really had me wondering if he (my husband) really knew how valuable his wife was/is?

When everything is crazy around you and you can’t tell your ups from your downs its good to come home and feel the love, comfort, and support of your spouse. There is nothing like the warmth of an embrace, the arms of safety a husband provides, a deep laugh from the gut, a meal cooked with love from your wife, the flirtatious winks a wife gives that reminds the husband just when he fell in love, or even a listening ear and a consoling word to block out the pains of the world. What happens however when you come home and all those things that made you feel so welcomed, loved, and protected from the outside world are no longer present?

Its a very down and dry existence when a couple wants everything to do and nothing to do with one another. Its easy to get there when the pressures of life creep into your home and make it hard to remember the love and appreciation your spouse once provided you. If you stay in that place too long it creates almost a relationship drought and it becomes harder and harder to bring it back to life. As I was saying earlier I found this Brandy video/song via YouTube last week and it really made me ponder on the question if my husband really know’s what he has.

Being that we are in a better place she/me/her decided to ask him last night, his response was simply of course I do! Of course in my own mind I disagree as what I or we women think she be displayed is never portrayed in the light we think or even prefer but thank God sometime ago I got the revelation that we often tend to give to others what we expect and in the way we expect to receive it. So instead of making comments on my husband’s simple answer I just smiled and decided not to chose a battle with his expression just because it didn’t match what my heart desired me to hear him say. Who am I to decide to what he means? I’m not in his brain and although I tend to think I know his thoughts at the end of the day I really don’t, I was just thankful he said it in a nice tone and quickly. There’s always work to be done in any relationship especially a marriage and my marriage doesn’t fall short of that fact, real growth comes when YOU recognize its not just your spouse that requires the work 😉


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