Randoms: Life, Hip Hop, Lyrics & Kendrick Lamar

It’s amazing how you can fall into and out of pockets of deep introspection, that has nothing to do with this post per say but I felt the need to have that thought included…

I was told growing up I loved “House Music” first and I can recall dancing in my mirror on Friday nights practicing my footwork. For some odd chance you have no idea what either of the two are Google it as I don’t want to lose my current thought (smile). However as true as that statement may or may not be I can remember having an early appreciation for all music except country but even that has since changed. My favorite genre without a doubt has ALWAYS been hip hop, good, bad, or indifferent. As I matured in Christ I moved away from hip hop only because the state seemed so critical and as a parent you try to protect your kid and keep things age appropriate. As well a lot of the lyrical content isn’t suitable for ride-alongs with my munchkin and I dislike a lot of the terms that have probably always been there, I just didn’t pay as much attention as I do now.

At any given moment I’m driving alone you probably could catch me checking the radio for what folks have in rotation, though social media and a few popular sites always keep me up to speed. There’s a lot of questionable(s) in hip hop as of lately, not to mention the fact that most of the content is totally disagreeable to my faith in Christ, and I try to be a total mommy (most days). There’s still a part of me that remembers and misses the liberty I felt/feel while listening. Cracking open a new CD of my favorite artist, trying to figure out metaphors, rapping along with s song getting the words exactly right, going to concerts, blasting beats in the car to see how it sounds, and having debates on which emcee is doper. Every now and then I allow myself to revisit that space but seemingly in the last month (and this happens periodically) I feel as though I could totally allow myself to be consumed by hip hop for a time.

Moving on, today on Youtube I was seeking out interviews and videos on Kendrick Lamar. I came across one song, “Hold Up” and there was a lyric that just wouldn’t allow me to forget it.

“I lived my twenties at two years old, the wiser man
Truth be told, I’m like eighty-seven
Wicked as 80 reverends in a pool of fire wit’ devils holdin’ hands
From the distance, don’t know which one is a Christian, d***
Who can I trust in 2012? There’s no one
Not even myself, a Gemini screamin’ for help somebody…”
Kendrick Lamar-Hold Up

The words are so intriguing to me for multiple reasons, mainly because I’m afraid the words are true to many everywhere. How many of us can say at some time or another based on our own experience we felt light years older than we really were? Perhaps you had “adult” responsibilities that life threw at you for various reasons or you were the parent to your own parents. Maybe your upbringing was so traumatic you were forced to grow up quickly to survive. In the lyrics above Kendrick says he’s like 87 and though I have a sneaky suspicion it’s probably his birth year I’m sure there’s some truth to that statement.

Next, I thought about how Christians are portrayed. There is a lack of love and difference among the church and especially the Black church. The gap is closing little by little but there’s always been an issue where some say Christians look too much like “the world” therefore there’s no distinction and among the many other reasons why its said its hard to define some Christians by their words and deeds. To consider a person really believing ‘from a distance a Christian and the devil’ look the same is disheartening and though it’s not my first glimpse of such references what does that say about the state of Christianity as it appears to the outside world? How will we reach others if we continue to contribute to this type of view?

Last, how many people scream for help but their cries are either silenced or go unanswered? That’s everywhere and for various reasons and though one can’t save many alone many can save a lot if united. It’s not the job of Christians to attempt to save unless lead in a specific direction however it is every Christian’s duty to allow Christ to use them for His glory and share their testimony to help another and sow seeds that prayerfully assist the lost in being found. With all that said I will say this dude Kendrick Lamar has some pretty dope lines. I;ll end posing this question, is there something the church (Christians) can learn from the world?


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