Forgiveness Project

Soooo a few days ago after reading a friends post on Facebook I decided to turn what was titled a personal birthday “gift” into a “project”. I was really impressed that she decided to take the time to ponder her issues and forgive others and herself. Simultaneously, I’d been going through some of the hardest times in my life or so it would appear. I knew I could easily find solace in the face of the some of the situations by receiving a heart-felt apology which for me is never the word “sorry” and more so acknowledgement of mistreatment but I digress. Except as a Believer (Christian) I know my word tells me to not only forgive but 70×7 daily (Matt. 18:22) but also if I don’t forgive then I won’t be forgiven by God (Matt.6:15). If that wasn’t enough evidence pointing my direction that God was trying to get my attention as I listened to Pandora a song by Andy Mineo (dope artist btw) called “Bitter” had played only an hour prior. I knew with that knockout combination I was definitely being told to deal with some forgiveness issues I was carrying, hence Project Forgiveness was born.

Back in November this same Facebook friend of mine did a thirty-day thankfulness project where everyday you consider something you are thankful for and post it in social media. She always makes push my Christianity to the max but its great pressure to growth in the areas that Christ would have us all go forward in…hope, faith and love. Days 1 and 2 were a piece of cake to get my thoughts down, be honest, and hit that submit button. Actually easier than I’d thought…it was digging through the muck in my mind and heart to find those pockets of unforgiveness that proved to be most difficult. I mean you have no idea the amount of things the human mind is capable of suppressing or perhaps you do (smile). Whatever the case I hadn’t realized the amount of work it would take to dig deep and allow these things to resurface so that I may confront them, I actually thought being publicly vocal  (as I was posting things as shared testimony to Facebook) would be the most difficult. Wrong! Day 3’s post came late and it was then that I realized the work ahead…

What if there was a public day of forgiveness where everyone participated and forgave someone for a wrong? Abuse, some form of mistreatment, even a financial debt…one err just wiped clean never to be spoken of again. Its not too far-fetched we have national holidays for everything else! Perhaps I should attempt to initiate some “social good” and began something like this?  I’ll include posts from the 3 days of my forgiveness project on a later post…


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