Pardon The Interruption

Its been a long while since I last posted and a lot has happened in the month or two that I have been M.I.A though technically I did post pictures here and there. I’m transitioning or attempting to transition to an all touchscreen phone as I tend to blog more from my cell than computer as I’m often on the go. Moving on, so much has happened some I can recall other stuff I cannot. What I can attest to is seemingly endless challenges that have come my way in pursuit of my happiness, my peace, joy, and perhaps even my very soul. I tend to be a bit specific  some may say overtly specific lending towards exaggerated but this is not the case. If you have read one or many of my posts if should be clear just how much I love Christ and how He is mentioned in just about everything I discuss. After taking all of 2012 (proudly) to reach out and connect to His heart, and build a real relationship through prayer that I may really know God’s heart no one could have gotten me to believe a year of prayer daily would have turned into  a season where it has become drastically difficult for me to find my “spiritual rhythm”.

I hate this…no I really hate it, at the same time the more time that passes it feels like an easy place to settle into and it becomes increasingly difficult to get out of this space. So one may say “Well, its ok we all have seasons like that.” Even though I know it to be true and that there will be other times when I don’t or cannot pray as I ought or may even like to the microwave popcorn praying I’ve been doing or 5 minute praise breaks throughout the day feels like I’m cheating myself on God’s presence. Like I’m cheating God from His “me time” and that saddens me. Do I know there are seasons for EVERYTHING? Yes. Do I know there are REASONS for EVERYTHING? YES! Does that help to console this nagging feeling? No. However, if I allow a condemning feeling to overtake what may be self-conviction I’ll totally lose this battle and that there…a definite NO! One thing that I have learned about my own specific “spiritual rhythm” (nothing more than consistent prayer, praise, study of scripture, or just setting aside time for the Lord daily in some way) is that when I allow myself to get caught up in time, frequency, or any amount of measure its easy to lose my place in “line”.

Have you ever felt like you are/were losing your space in line for something or with someone? Like you were in a zone and something just disturbed your vibe? Such an irritating feeling…right?

I’m NOT religious though I’m sure we all tend to have religiosity about being saved (accepting Christ and taking the journey seriously). I figured I was over that and finding out that I’m not for me was crazy. Talking with a great friend my cousin the other day he shared with me something I believe his pastor said. It went something like “You’re being pressed on all sides, pressure from God and pressure from the enemy,” if that statement isn’t the truest I’d heard I cannot tell you what was. God impressing upon me the desire or dare I even to say burden to spend quality time with him, and not paying attention to the quantity of the time because without it it makes it easier to succumb to the negative pressures of this life. So I resolved a few weeks ago to slowly but surely get back on track. My schedule is different these days, but there is no excuse because we find time to do anything we really want even things we don’t need. If you desire to be saved, want to know God’s heart, desire change in your life, and the list could go on…you definitely need to make prayer an official part of your lifestyle.

I’m just glad God doesn’t place us back at the beginning when we wonder off he keeps us just close enough to vaguely hear His voice when our hearts are right and desire at the base of everything to please Him that we hear the whisper and seek it out until it becomes loud enough for us to redirect our routes. If your route needs a little redirection because you’ve been “interrupted” no worries you can come back. It won’t be a slow process for everyone as sometimes you just need to run back but however you get there, just make a decision to do it today.

For Christ I live and for Christ I will (_______________) you fill in the blank.



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