30 Days of Gratefulness- Day 1

When I learned that a 5yr. old child was abducted from a school bus and taken to a constructed bunker on the news my heart sank. What I recently learned concerning the same case besides the best news that the child was rescued and back with his parents, was that he was “forced to learn how to detonate a bomb” should the kidnapper be killed by police, as there was also a bomb atop the constructed bunker. As if it wasn’t already confusing and alarming to be abducted, now a 5yr old child has to be taught how to detonate a bomb to either protect his kidnapper or finish the message(s) he was attempting to send by his actions. Jesus….being a mother of a 6yr old child its easy to see why I’m grateful here. Day 1 #gratefulnessproject

Five Year Old Abducted from School Bus


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