30 Days of Gratefulness- Day 2

In 2003 there was a stampede at the E2 nightclub of Chicago that killed and injured many, every-time I went out with friends it was in the back of my mind. I began my family in 2005 so my “club” days came to a screeching halt (obviously) as my priorities shifted. Every once in a while (and even now) for concerts, birthdays, and certain events I will join friends and fam in celebration. A few years back a fight broke out in a club for a concert I was attending. I already felt totally out-of-place almost like I should go home but I pushed past the feeling, besides I waited in the cold for hours just to get in. I was almost hit by thrown mugs, glasses, and bottles. In that moment I asked myself what was I doing there and when there was no room to go in any one direction I again remembered the incident from 2003. If anyone lost or knew anyone affected my condolences as 10 years has passed the longing for a loved one never does (I would think). Day 2 #gratefulnessproject

Many Killed in Chicago Nightclub Stampede


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