30 Days of Gratefulness- Day 5

DominosDrone1Even Christ has a sense of humor 🙂 Today’s post will be light considering all the others have been pretty heavy. I found this quirky story on Yahoo interesting. Domino’s Pizza tested out its 1st “drone  pizza delivery” though I’m not fond of their pizza after too many slices back in undergrad the thought of a helicopter delivering pizza or any takeout is pretty cool. In this day you would have thought (perhaps) this would have already occurred. The test run was in the UK, I’m wondering would this work in the US? Would it be limited to certain areas? Would there be a pricey up-charge for some hot-crusty-golden deliciousness if it’s delivered to your doorstep will a dramatic entrance from the sky? Perhaps this is the evolution of all takeout deliveries? All very good questions, nonetheless being a total techie I’m definitely grateful for technology 😉 #gratefulnessproject


Pizza Drones



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