Grateful In June

If you know me outside of this blog you know I try to make status updates on social media more than about how cute my cat is (I don’t actually own a cat) but seriously sometimes (my opinion) you should have more to share than your boredom. With that in mind I started attempting to be mindful of what I post and occasionally I participate in these status “projects” if you will. I dubbed them “projects” because it sounds SUPER “Official” but basically it’s when you take your status on any social media platform (for me usually Facebook) and dedicate at least one a day toward something productive. A friend this past November suggested doing  “30 days of Thankfulness”, it went over so well and I was hugely impacted that I decided to do other things like it and recently was invited to do “30 days of Gratefulness” last time I checked the two are synonymous though I’m sure someone would find that debatable. To make status project unique I decided to find past and present stories in the media to give color to examples as to why I’m grateful and hopefully others will take away something if they read my posts as well. I figured I would share each days post with you readers and hopefully you too would become inspired.

I’m playing catch up so days 1-5 will all be posted today 🙂

Ciao Bella …


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