30 days of Gratefulness- Day 8

During Black History Month I saw a lot of social media status updates with this story. There’s so much negative coverage in the media hopelessness, despair, and poverty. However, there are some real commendable things happening among minorities everywhere its OUR responsibility to report those stories to destroy stereotypes and honestly encourage all youths of the generations to come. I’m proud to know a couple of folks in my network doing some wonderful things from my munchkin with academic honors, to multiple family members graduating from 8th grade to college including some of my beloved teens from my church youth group and even my own little brother 🙂 Promotions, business start-ups, great stay at home moms, and even newly ordained ministers. Share the good stuff and drown out as much negative as you can. Better late than never… #gratefulnessproject

14 yr old invents surgical technique


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