30 Days of Gratefulness- Day 9

How do you feel about the saying/motto/mantra Y.O.L.O? I love what I think it means and it’s a definite reminder to just live this one life we have to the fullest. Some folks definitely take that out of context but for us normal folk the phrase “You Only Live Once” is just a reminder to smell the roses, take the scenic route, hit the snooze button and snuggle a little longer, eat your dessert before the main course, loosen your tie, wear red, do a big-chop, bungee jump, take a polar plunge, or even run a marathon. You get it.  Just ENJOY life (responsibly & respectably prayerfully)! This is a personal goal of mine for this year and beyond. Today’s #gratefulness post link is for you extreme bucket-list(ers). Enjoy! #gratefulnessproject


Not For The Faint of Heart


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