30 Days of Gratefulness- Days 6 & 7

A Dose of Reality: I got word that an uncle was sick and going to have surgery. Went to see a man who had to have an amputation from the left shoulder down. I didn’t know what to expect, how he was (despite Facebook updates from my aunt), nor how I’d feel seeing him. Walked in to a room flooded with family, joy, and laughter. This man (my uncle) was not only happy and I mean genuinely so, but joyful. He told me he had no other choice because God was good. He worked in pain up until days of having to go to the hospital as a chef. He was/is most excited being right-handed that his left shoulder/arm was taken instead of his right. Talk about perspective…? Lord WE complain, and take soooo much for granted and yes if we look we can find a MYRIAD of examples for this but Jesus right in my own backyard. Lord I thank you for your forgiveness, grace and mercy. I send strength to my family especially uncle and auntie. #gratefulnessproject


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