Coffee, Feel Good Music, & Mama

ddcoffeeSo unlike the vast majority I’m a Dunkin Donuts chick even looking at the picture to your left makes me desire a cup of that yummy goodness. I’ve never been a “coffee drinker” usually only grabbing a cup when I’m exhausted or need a jolt for a long day ahead. A few years ago I began drinking coffee a little more regularly and now its like liquid peace. Taking my munchkin to school she already knows that Mommy may make a stop to grab some coffee, as I often shoot a pic to my Instagram of my D&D cup 🙂 What is it about the liquid those little brown beans produce that makes everything all well with the world? I’m in a rock and a hard place may have to get Starbucks…yawn. I’m privileged to have that “crack coffee” house right behind my apartment, I refer to it as such because it makes me so jittery and I always feel like someone snuck three to many espresso shots in my cup.  I guess you REAL coffee drinkers are like hey the stronger the better (smile).

As I type this oh so random post I”m listening to Spotify. I love it via a laptop because you can choose what you actually want to hear if your not a radio freak (and I’m not) plus you can listen on demand and on repeat. My mom and I are having so good random conversation, cups in hand of some brewed goodness, and Spotify is playing the best melo music just fit for this occasion. I love days like this, absolutely love them.


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