Yesterday was a day buzzing around with pops, crackles, and the smells of smoky deliciousness. I cannot recall a BBQ holiday where I don’t take in any festivities. Yesterday however I didn’t feel like doing much of ANYTHING. My munchkin went with her Bubie (Grandmother) and my husband was at his parent’s home with family. Where was I, you ask? Plopped right in my favorite comfy space…THE COMPUTER 🙂 I often find

Imagesolace, inspiration, and well I zone out as well on some of my fav social media sites like Pinterest or Instgram. Yesterday however I was feeling a way an odd-like mix of excitement and counter-productivity. Does that even make sense?

So while everyone else was out doing everything else I was in total veg mode and I LOVED IT! I caught up on some of my favorite blogs, and researched a couple of things, checked email etc. Around 4:30 I began to get an itch to get outside and so slowly I began getting ready to do the unknown. I ended up going to HP (my old neighborhood and favorite stumping ground) to watch the fireworks from The Point. Back when I was single I would never have had a pause on considering what to do with my free time let alone to go out and do anything or everything even if it meant doing it by myself. Knowing this I chuckled at the fact that I felt weird even considering going out alone but I said dang-it I’ll regret staying in all day and not using one ounce of this free time outside of the house. I got up took as long as I desired to get ready and once I was done I headed out. Saying to myself all the way “I’m doing this!”

As a “Wifum” (wife-mum/mom) we too have to know how to have single moments or continue in our own “single selves”. A lot of times we forget about this and we run around until we become faint needing a “moment” like we need to breathe air. Sometimes we may even fear having single time or just plum not know how to function because so much f our day is given up doing things for everyone else. Going shopping (of any kind), or a walk to clear your head these types of things do not count, and simply because they’re easy. Well folks I am now mastering the single moment as I was just sharing with a friend, I love the calm of being in Panera for a few hours sipping a coffee or even taking in a little Targerapy (Target-Therapy where I browse every single isle for everything and nothing) just to ease my mind, perhaps I’ll pick up a couple things and perhaps I’ll fill my cart and set it to the side when I’m done but just strolling the isles checking out the sales especially clearance items (check for a post on my upcoming Targerapy Series) just creates such peace for me.

Last night was so peaceful I was looking fab and took my time on a stroll to watch the fireworks and as I walked something about the combination of the moment, the air, the vibe just felt epic. Like fireworks were about to explode in my own life… Take a little time for self, it brings clarity and gives vision and focus to everything in your life. I’m going to share my status update I normally only share with friends from yesterday’s Facebook post at the bottom.

Ciao for now 😉


Post from Facebook-
“Feeling a way, indescribable, I’m tired yet motivated, excited yet I want to pull the covers over my head. Its time to do something different. I think my hair color change recently was a mini-expression of that fact. I’m tired of ordinary and usual. I’ve always felt I’m anything but that. I want brilliance, and color, and creativity. I’m a creative person so that’s only right…right? I’m venting…pay me no mind or perhaps pay me a lot of mind. Its a holiday and where am I? In font of a computer. No worries its my safe space  Researching, blogging, reading, watching, planning… I’m a finisher but lately not so much, not sure what that’s about but perhaps putting things out in the open will cause for more than a self-reflective status update. Maybe, just maybe it will create a call to ACTION. Ahem…someone pass me the BBQ lol”


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