Targerapy Tuesdays


I’ve been thinking about doing a series of weekly posts for some time now but was unsure I could commit to such a thing. Considering the subject matter it shouldn’t be hard as I’m in this particular store almost as much as I’m well…anywhere. I l-o-v-e TARGET and like many folks I could spend hours there almost daily and not get tired. I go at least twice a week and even if I don’t purchase anything being there helps me to clear my mind and focus. When I need to get away from home, need to run to a store for a last-minute item,  or even get some tangible design ideas Target is definitely where I go. No one Target is the exact same as all offer different merchandise which I love especially the clearance items. OMG Target clearance sheesh…one of my favorite areas to peruse. So I figured I would finally share one of my loves (great likes) with you guys and present my picks,finds or anything else Target I’d like to share. Now either you can relate or you think I have entirely too much time on my hands. No matter which is your opinion I hope you find the posts interesting 😉 I’ve dubbed these posts Targerapy because I’ve been calling my time in Target that for so long but thought nothing of it until today when a friend commented on a post and said she liked my name. It was then that it clicked ok I guess its time to finally make this happen. So thanks chica (she knows who she is) and welcome to my first actual weekly series Targerapy Tuesdays!


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