30 Days of Gratefulness: The Conclusion

I hate leaving things open ended and of all my “status projects” this being the first I shared with my blog readers it bothers me that I did not conclude my gratefulness project. June was a busy month for me with lots going on and I guess my attempt to join an invite to my friend’s challenge was a bit of a massive undertaking at the time. More so because instead of just updating my status I had to be fancy and include links to headlines to create a more colorful depiction of each day’s gratefulness account. Hey, it sounded wonderful at the time of its inception but I digress. I just wanted to apologize to those who may have really been following along and I hope that if you considered participating you didn’t allow my negligence to discourage your journey. So far since November of 2013 through to the present I have participated in quite a few challenges, out of them all I have only missed the completion of two. I feel satisfied with that ratio as it was like 5:2 🙂 There will be other projects as my hope is to use my social platforms for some serious social good. It’s great to post pics about last night’s dinner and even social haps but its important to show some positivity and encouragement, the world definitely is in need of more. 

Adios for now…



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