Targerapy Tuesdays Ed.1

t3Visit date: Monday July 1, 2013
Store: 87th St Chicago, IL
Mood: Relaxed
In search of: Groceries

target 87th st
Entering the silver double doors munchkin (my daughter) and I are ready to peruse the isles as usual but today oddly enough I have a list and I’ve got to follow it to the “T”. Why you ask? Well…we did a late night Target run for a few groceries and we only had fifty minutes until the store closed. Considering the fact that I can be in Target easily for 3 hours and not even realize it lets you know tonight I needed to stay on task.

250px-24-Logo.svgFeeling like an episode of 24 usually gets my blood flowing because mama loves a “Target challenge”. You know when you see if you can outrun the store’s closing announcements, look through a few isles, and still grab what it is you actually came for? The night air was breezy on ride over and it left me feeling uber-relaxed. When we enter I always start at the $3 and under section and munchkin almost always wants to get something new and Hello Kitty but tonight those bins were mostly empty which helped me move through purses to my next favorite area JEWELRY hello! This area too was a little on the lite side so we skip over to my favorite section Home & Decor.


It was here I finally found some wonderful items and I snapped a few pics to add to my Pinterest account board also adequately dubbed the same as this series 🙂 Mostly all the items I’ll share here were not all clearance where I generally find excellent steals of a deal however, they are super fun and chic nonetheless. First up this pastel pink ottoman, more than reasonably marked down on clearance priced now at $17, and next cutesy bean cubes in a variety of colors also marked down on clearance for $20. Next yellow metal bars stools that have become everything for decorators beautifully priced 2 for $99! Last but not least we found some solar-powered lawn lights in the dopest square shape priced $5 a pop but hold your breathe I think there was an employee walking to scan them and determine if they too would go on clearance 🙂 Once I finished in these isles the loud speaker went off to announce there was only five more minutes until closing but you and I both know all you need is 60 seconds to luck up on a deal, or fulfill the last part of your shopping list (if you have one).  So munchkin and I headed over to the grocery section to pick up a few items and as I love Target I also love snapping pictures so I snapped a quick pic of her (yes she actually she dressed herself).

I hope you enjoyed my first post for “Targerapy Tuesdays” if you enjoyed leave a comment or share your own therapeutic Target experience. IMAG0553


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