Pressing Toward the Mark

Pressing Toward the Mark

A friend described her experience using the tools on this website to work towards bettering herself as a Christian and attempting to stop sinning in a specific area. Today was my first look at the website but it offers so much and for FREE that I just had to share it with you as a resource. Everyone learns and understands things differently, if your heart’s desire is to go after Christ and you’re at a place in your life where you will do what you must to relinquish all else to do so, or perhaps you just need more help to connect than you’ve received during your churches’ Sunday sermon this website may be of great significance to you.

When we as Christians think about sin we tend to put such a grandiose detail on it where we are seemingly able to measure our sins against some set of sin standard. When actually sin is just doing an act that goes against all Christ stands for. Sometimes that means without remorse, sometimes this means on occasion or even repeatedly, other times we may not even realize we are committing sins, and of course if we haven’t found Jesus yet then we are living in darkness altogether. Sometimes to get over a huge hurdle it takes more than practice to get it right, and this website offers more than the ability to find that “escape” the bible details that is given to all when tempted and sin is knocking at the door. A counselor, devotion, and other accountability partners that you can choose are also apart of the package. The bible teaches us that we are destroyed for our lack of knowledge so anytime that you or I come to know something that may help our brothers and sisters in the faith we should definitely share it.

Though I am a professing Christian I do not profess to have things all together, to have totally beaten sin, and live a righteous life pleasing to God everyday however, in my heart I want to do Christ’s will and no matter if I stumble along the way as long as I am making progress towards “the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus” (Phil.3 14-15) I feel as though our father in heaven is pleased. This isn’t one of those cop outs, you know those cliche “the Lord knows my heart” stances, though God definitely knows EVERYTHING about us. This is my truth that I live in everyday I don’t have it altogether but my desire is to let go of every weight and trade it in for God’s beauty, passion, and purpose for my life that He may get all glory and that my testimonies may gently provide such an example that someone else may interested to do the same.

Here’s to hoping you are blessed by this link 🙂


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