Targerapy Tuesdays Ed.2

t2Visit date: Friday July 5, 2013
Store: Munster, IN
Mood: Bored
In search of: Cheap Goodness

target9This last Target visit was quite peculiar I’ll have to say. Munchkin (my daughter) and I were wasting time waiting on my hubby to get off work, we had major time to kill and I needed a cool place to keep her visually occupied so where better to go than our most favorite store? Well mine, as my daughter loves it only when he gets to grab a toy or outfit because otherwise “Mommy can take forever”. It’s hilarious that I now notice folks watching me as I snap photos while Munchkin and I debate what she thinks is currently the cutest things ever. It really isn’t anything new I’ve done these things before and even casually conversation hop with complete strangers n the best Targets and which days are bet to shop. However, since I started this series I guess I have begun to realize just how often I do these particular things. Perhaps I need to refer to myself as a “Target Consultant” as what occurred today definitely made me feel credible.

grandma targetSo we’re slowly going down each aisle in Target as I always do. I noticed a lady kinda peering at us admiring outfits in the children’s section. Suddenly, she approached us for style advice on an outfit she was selecting. She told us she was shopping for her sister’s daughter for their upcoming family reunion and her niece was just about the same size as my munchkin. She then asked if I’d mind allowing munchkin to choose a couple of items she likes and things I would choose as she really loved munchkin’s style. Smiling from ear to ear my daughter looked up at me for approval, once I nodded yes it was a matter of seconds before we were picking out a bazillion outfits. My daughter threw outfits in the cart as I sorted through to match the lady’s budget, whose name I finally learned was Captoria. After exchanging a few pleasantries, Captoria told us she hailed  from East Indiana and proclaimed it repeatedly 🙂 Captoria not only complimented munchkin’s outfit but also her personality as she said it was such a  joy to witness such respectability and kindness. It was nice to assist Captoria in her search and when it was all over I explained to munchkin that when you do something nice for someone else from the heart something wonderful almost always happens so I rewarded her with an outfit which only happened to cost me a cool $9 can you say Cha Ching 😉 Who knows this could be the start of something good…munchkin certainly thought so as we exited the store we laughed about the experience.


Here are a few goodies I found along the way before our mini-styling experience with Captoria and as always I post all of my Targerapy finds on Pinterest so go there and check them out. Did you find an awesome deal this week at Target? Please share it below or on The Wifum Chronicles Tumblr or Facebook pages.



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