Targerapy Tuesdays Ed. 3


Visit date: Thursday July 18, 2013
Store: Calumet City, IL
Mood: Bummed out
In search of: …

thank-youJust want to take a minute and thank you all for reading my weekly “Targerapy Posts” I’ve been excited about sharing these posts with you guys and seeing the likes I receive is undoubtedly an encouragement 🙂 Honestly, I’d probably still blog about my little Target escapades even if no one read as its relaxing for me but I wanted to let you all know I appreciate your views.

cart flipped Soooo…this week’s visit left me a little frustrated and I think many other customers that shop for deals at this particular Target as well a there was definitely no Targerapy this week. I went to the store in Calumet City (south suburbs of Chicago) and didn’t find much of anything! I couldn’t believe it so many racks were bare or being prepared for back-to-school sales and fall merchandise. This time of the year is usually when you can begin to find some good stuff especially summer clearance. This particular Target was definitely stocked full in garden, backyard/patio, and picnic equipment so if in fact you are in the market for these things let’s just say there was enough to go around. I managed to snag a few pics of what seemed like mediocre deals but personally I only walked away with 1 bag! Yes I said it 1 little lonely bag from Target, I guess I could look at this as an achievement then the glass would be half full instead of feeling half empty right? Due to this disappointing trip I don’t have much to share no peculiar experiences or awesome pictures of cutesy trinkets, home goods, or clothes.

PhotoGrid_1374573844192However if (and that for some of you may be a very large IF), you don’t mind purchasing jeans from Target then they had/have a humongous 50% sale on their jeans wall 🙂  I was able to snag a pair of jeans for $12 which doesn’t compete with my all time lowest price I’ve ever purchased jeans at Target for $6 a few years ago. I laughed at my munchkin who is usually always with me when she said “Ma, why are you buying jeans its HOT outside!” She really wanted me to purchase a Fedora hat like she often wears but when I tried it on it was a no-go. However the price was great at $6 and they had a few bright summer colors. As you can see my little helper held her color choice up for me and tried to toss it into my basket. There were a few items in the jewelry department that were ok I’ll add those to my Targerapy board on Pinterest.

Until next week…


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