School Wars

Its almost that time again, when you began seeing crayons on sale for 25¢ you know school is around the corner. This year my husband and I are reapplying to a school very dear to our hearts, its a private Christian school that we have wanted to send our munchkin to almost after our first encounter with the staff and tour. This will not be our first experience with a Christian-based school nor private education as our daughter (all thanks to God) has been in private schools since the tender age of two. However when our munchkin turned four we tried a Christian school/daycare and it was one of the best experiences. The staff was attentive, the teachers were loving, and there wasn’t a day where our daughter didn’t feel safe as well she learned tons of scriptures and we were able to use those to assist at home with behavior. We were all set to send her to the school we are reapplying for now and unfortunately it was just too expensive for us. This year the school is still too expensive but God-willing, financial aid, and a few prayers we believe God will make a way. h and her first public school experience was just last year in first grade.

There are definite distinct differences in school structure by comparison to my experience in a public school system vs private and of course being a Christian school there are even a few more to expect. We appreciate the structure, Christian standards, behavioral expectations, educational opportunities for our particular school choice but really its the love factor that won us over. Upon all the schools we visited entering this particular institution’s atmosphere felt distinguish-ably different. I even asked my husband if he noticed a seemingly tangible difference with the staff and just the presence. Not every school has that to offer and in my opinion when Christ is the center of the education love is and has to definitely be a factor.  The love in the air at the school was so thick if you came in feeling down your mood would definitely be lifted on the way out. If adults can feel that what do you think the children sense?

In this day and age when EVERYTHING is changing and many things are unstable (unfortunately if you live in Chicago even the schools aren’t exempt from instability) what does one do? How does a loving parent plan for the best education he/she can provide when curriculum, teachers, attitudes, government, policies, availability and even the actual physical location of a school changes?


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