Targerapy Tuesdays Ed.4

t3Visit date: Thursday July 23, 2013
Store: South Loop Chicago
In search of: Something special

target south loop2



Went to one of my old favs this past Targerapy visit, oh happy days I’m in the South Loop 🙂 This visit was different in so many ways, 1) I was accompanied by my fam and 2) munchkin was very uninterested in helping Mommy take pics. I had to explain to the hubby why I was snapping photos and his facial response was comical. He couldn’t understand how I found any fun let alone therapy in posting about my Target clearance escapades. As well he was a little taken aback by my snapping pictures so I sent him and munchkin to the restaurant area while mama made her way around. I’m doing this post via my cell so if the photos and placement are a bit “creative” please forgive. I began this trip with excitement as I hadn’t been to this Target store in a long while. There was so much to see and yet not a huge amount of clearance goodness. A few cutesy things I noticed were clearance similarities from my last few visits in jewelry and accessories, the shoe department, and in home decor.


I was feeling a bit like myself I must admit which made the experience even the more enjoyable. Stopping first in jewelry I came across 2 cute necklaces. The first, a charm-like necklace was on clearance for $10.48. The second was a DIY charm necklace not on clearance but in my opinion worth noting, I think it would make a great gift or a fun mother-daughter project also pleasantly priced at $12.99.








imageThere were a few bracelets I liked as well you can find those on my Pinterest board. At this particular Target and a few others one similarity I found was sales in both the shoe and accessory departments. If you love scarves you better head over to Target honey I was amazed to find so many scarves marked half off or more as well as most of the entire shoe wall. For those of you who didn’t get to check out the half off on jeans from last week the sale was still on as well.






This particular Target also had some cool markdowns in the children’s clothing sections but there was an item in home decor that took the cake for me. This red writer’s desk for drum roll please…. $129!


Can’t you just see yourself spending time here writing or blogging with a cup of Jo in your hand? Reading? Yessssss! In my opinion most Target furniture is often overpriced so to find this deal and it was painted red I thought it was fairly priced. Being that this visit was on a family day as my actual Tuesdays are I had to leave but this was definitely one of the better visits I’ll say but mama definitely didn’t leave empty handed and I enjoyed one of my new favorites from Starbucks, the caramel apple spice generally a warm drink but today its on ice just like this post is until next time 🙂


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