What A Difference A Year Makes: 2013 Year In Review

Hello Wifums!

I have been contemplating renaming this blog ask not why I started the post with my brain fart…but I digress. I know it has been FOREVER! I couldn’t be blogging at a better time, I’m home alone trying to fight off a cold I inherited from the munchkin and my hubby that has left me voiceless and with just enough energy to do mostly everything from my bedside.

I have always attempted to be open as possible through my posts almost too open for my husband who constantly reminds me that I share too much (smile). I believe I shared various things about my summer how my one goal was to spend as much quality time with my munchkin as possible and how my husband was working like a Hebrew slave (just a phrase please no emails I mean no disrespect) for a new position he started back in December of 2012. Well I accomplished my goal, managing to create more new memories and share more experiences than munchkin had days out of school for summer break. My husband was just finding his way with his new position and had actually received a promotion yet he still worked 12 and 15 hour days, 6 days a week just to bring home money. While we (munchkin and I) spent and wasted time waiting for him to get off so we could pick him up and not have to travel so far being in-between homes as this last ruff patch left half of us in the city and half of us in the suburbs constantly trying to schedule ways to visit one another and uphold a shred of our family routine.

Before I go on let me just say through it all God was so good to us, through traveling back and forth, through budgeting so tightly we had to share my mother’s cell phone, and dinner a lot of night’s being the value menu including shared fries and a drink, and me practically living out of my car I drove so much. We made it work and slowly but surely God allowed us breaks here and there giving us new hope, renewed faith, and clarity of vision.

Right when we were peeking from this period and things were finally beginning to pick up steam, I get a phone call from this company we jointly applied to almost a year and a half prior. What I remember finding most interesting at the time was that this company unlike my experiences with many companies had actually held to their word of keeping our applications on file. Go figure? Companies actually do this? Surely by now our apps were just traces of a memory from file 13 but in July of 2012 we got an offer to interview for a company we had applied to at the beginning of our rough patch when the only constants in our lives were 1) We both needed employment, 2) We were searching for what God had next as we were so beat down from enduring rocky financial and family issues, 3) We had nothing to lose by applying everywhere even with companies we had no clue about.

Fast forward back to July 2012 when things as I stated were just beginning to peek, we were getting in position to climb out of several holes and to another it would seem iffy to even chance looking elsewhere when my husband finally had steady employment regardless of his hours. However, we decided that we would at least find out more information. Clearly there could be more to this. We were actually recommended to this company by current employees that thought we’d fit in well based on a variety of reasons. We did receive a call back after more than a year’s time. As well it never hurts to weigh opportunities, but would it be a distraction during a time we were just getting out heads above water on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and some Saturdays? We just agreed to go interview and see what became of the opportunity.

Before I tell you what happened next, let me remind you of an earlier post when I discussed my times of freelance and dabbles into entrepreneurship how I was at a crossroads with what I wanted and needed to pursue and was spiritually conflicted as in what God wanted next for my life. It began with my taking a position away from my entrepreneurial efforts and ended with me not feeling fulfilled wanting to get from behind a computer and work with people. I never quite had the words to describe what exactly I wanted to do, I had a myriad of things yet to try (shucks I still do) but I knew I was seeing results on any endeavors and there was something I needed to connect to larger than what I myself was purposing to do. After time went by I slowly began to rebuild a business I’d dissolved, restructured my service list and the company direction, and started rebuilding my online presences based on many prayers, market, and time I had available. I never finished any of that work I began, it all just sits in the balance and from time to time I feel a bit odd about that fact. Due to the last 5+ years (besides a brief two-year stint working as an unofficial office manager), my entrepreneurial child; my business baby DIME Consulting & Design, Inc was all I knew. Sure I had little side projects, volunteer efforts, and dreams deferred but my daily talk was a combination of mom-speak (if you’re a mother you already get that), web design, and business consulting. It was difficult to make the decision to let go of something that was no longer producing, and even more difficult to put aside what felt like flesh of my flesh to sit and pursue working elsewhere while forcing myself to learn how to live in a state of contentment awaiting God’s will for my life. All this coupled with my dreams, desires, and current reality.

Moving on, my husband and I went to the interview sitting with a panel of 4 interviewers and us and we were just forthright about our ambitions, our family, our faith, and our position on helping others. I’ve neglected to mention this whole time the company we were interviewing for was a school, but not just any school…a BOARDING school! The position wasn’t in the business office, it wasn’t for sales or marketing, or even consulting. This position was to become Family Teacher’s for youths that attended a boarding school who needed the exposure to a strong family unit and to be taught basic life skills. In your opinion, just what IS a strong family unit? Is it a family that trusts God? A family that remains united through hardship? A family comprised of a married couple?

There was to be a 3 hour test and various background checks following the interview that would take no less than 2 weeks to obtain the results, we got offered the position less than 5 days later. We took seven days to weigh and pray on a decision, one would think it a no brain-er but working at a boarding school with live-in children (12 to be exact) when you’re only mom to one is a huge lifestyle change. We wanted to tread lightly, make sure we weighed our pro’s and con’s and that we were making the best decision for our family. In turn the transition was smooth yet so supercharged; a good example being we moved into our house (on school grounds) the same weekend we were to start, left a wedding we were participating in to begin work with no official employee training. It was oddly exciting and invigorating to embark upon something so new and a bit of a whirlwind but within there was a small sense of security that reminded me we were meant to be there. Look at how everything just kind of fell into place? Only God could orchestrate something like that (we believe).

Tonight makes close to 6 months in this position, I blog to you with my family, sanity, salvation, dreams, and priorities all intact. Who knew this whirlwind of an opportunity would turn out to be one of the biggest blessings we’d never expect? For us because we were working, all together, united again under one roof? Well absolutely…but the cherry on top is that we now have 11 students (girls) M-F that we share our morals, standards, home-life, and experiences with. I did say I wanted to work with people didn’t I? Lol. The meshing period with us and our students who we now endearing-ly call “The Girls”, was rocky in the beginning but we are finding out little by little we were always equipped for this position. Not due to an overwhelming amount of professional experience listed on our Linked IN pages, though we both had prior experience via ministry, volunteer efforts with youths, and some other things; but through some of our darkest hours and tedious trials won through Christ together as a family and with family we are able to pull from depths of experience. We have learned through tests and trials what family is, why it is important, and a plethora of life skills seemingly transferable to any position or business we will ever open. That my friends is not something learned in classrooms, not even from a textbook, but a thoroughly digested knowledge one can only obtain from life’s university.

Tonight I am so thankful to Christ for all his blessings, I am thankful for my 2013 and I look forward to 2014 unaware of what’s to come but with a grateful heart and open hand to what God has next.


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