Hello Again…

helloIt’s been close to a year it seems since last I blogged. For the first time though I visually recorded a lot of memories I was more engulfed in the experiences. Something I think we all tend to forget is to live in our moments, especially if you are a techie (or reformed techie) such as myself. I thought living in the moment was attempting to share EVERY moment via some social media vehicle but I’ve since realized the best moments often go undocumented and trying to backtrack and share is tiresome. 

I’ve often considering killing all of my internet activity as a whole as I’m totally concerned about what to share and not but being able to share in any capacity is like my therapy and I find it as refreshing as having coffee with a good girlfriend getting lost in conversation about everything and nothing and shutting down your favorite little cafe (mine currently being Panera). Moving forward my husband and I took teaching positions formerly titled “House Parenting” at a suburban school in Glenwood, IL back in August 2013. It’s coming up on a year soon and boy how much we have learned and grown through the experience. 

I must reiterate this position was recommended through a family fiends years ago and when we applied we didn’t get it but God had a plan of His own and 2 years later we got called to interview and the rest is history. I’ve met so many wonderful people and learned others stories as well as stretched myself, shared all I knew, and allowed God to repair years of marital stress from being newly wed to becoming a mom fairly quickly, and the economy woes and the toil it takes on your family/budget. Too many hard lessons and tears but things I realize the significance of now and am truly thankful for as they make me and have prepared me to be who I am currently as well as where I am.

Our new school year is beginning soon, meanwhile I have decided to create some new paths for myself and record them. As well continue to attempt a balance with Christ, my marriage, my family and everything else that I desire to accomplish. I cannot promise I will blog daily but I’ll try often and not so far and few in between. I’m not even sure who reads this blog lol but if only the lonely world wide web had it I’d be fine releasing the tensions of excitement, stories, and experiences here.

Pretty soon I will be developing a new WordPress blog that will finally connect all the dots for me as far as mompreneurship, family, work life (to an extent), and whatever other little fun quirky things I see fit to add. For those who found me via my “Targerapy Tuesday” posts, I still and probably always will love and frequent Target and it was fun while it lasted but no updates in that arena as often as I did prior to. Thanks for reading the posts perhaps in the future those will return…not sure.

Welp it’s 2:55am and it’s time to call it quits for now, let;s see what tomorrow brings. I neglected to mention tomorrow I find out if my mother will be moving with me. I’m sure I’ll have plenty things to write about.

 Excuse any typos a sista is tired… 😉


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