Embarking On New Territory:The Closeted Designer Series

I’ve always had a love for all things creative, the problem with being a creative is getting bored easily because you are ready to start what’s the NEXT new thing. I’ve never been able to fully see what my love for design specifically home decor and design could would develop to. I’m currently among other things deeply interested in discovering where it will take me. Even if my journey ends at the purchase and completion of my family’s own fully owned and decorated home. I’ve worked on several things, some of which have been covered within this blog that I’ve used on and off for maybe the past 6 years or so. This installment will be no different, so I named it “The Closeted Designer Series” as I feel like the designer in me has always been hid. I plan to share pictures of past things I have done, current projects, and everything in between that I like by way of design. If anyone reads this feel free to follow me on Pinterest where I share my organized ideas of well everything. Looking forward to exploring all that’s to come in this series and catching up on life in general!

Ciao for now…


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