The last official post about all things life was back in 2014, can you believe it? 2014!!!? Well I’m not even sure all that I’ve covered but my husband and I have been working for a boarding school in Glenwood, IL called Glenwood Academy. There we are house parents (basically parents away from home to our students). We’ve built a lot of relationships, seen students graduate, leave, go to high school, and even been instrumental in some large on campus projects and programs. We will be embarking upon our third year at Glenwood Christ-willing this August.

My mother wanted to move in with us last year and that got either ignored or denied by the current director. I have been through several trials with her being recently hospitalized again since that time as well as continuing to take care of her and her affairs from a distance as she lives in the city. I’m thankful to say though shes a tiny lady she’s better than she was and can actually finally get around a lot better within her own home. Though more than likely my mother will not move in with us right away once we purchase a home in a year or two more than likely that’s what may occur.

About 3 months ago or less for a few months strong I’d began the rebuilding of my own company DIME Consulting & Design, Inc. I was having weekly business chats via Google Hangouts steadily with three women that turned quickly into 4 and later 5. My goal was 10 and with tons of interest and very little advertising things seemed to quickly take form. The idea was divinely given to me I felt because so many people and more so women always asked my advice on many things business. I want(ed) to provide that help, and generate a small group of women with like interests to draw synergy and get my entrepreneurial mojo back if-you-will. All of the women feel off after one of my biggest victories in having a guest speaker. Inside I was devastated but interestingly enough directly after I became swamped with work and a few pressing family issues arose that would have required my immediately and frequent attention anyway.

Last but definitely not the least the home front. My munchkin is going to the fourth grade this year, new year, new school (again), and new goals. My husband has just passed his life insurance exam (kudos) and plans on returning part-time to his love of educating others on the importance of life insurance. As for myself I have a variety of areas I’m interested in and when is that ever not the case? A combination of potentials including school, decorating, and beginning a couple of things myself hopefully all with the actual assistance of my husband. My marriage has been great, we’ve grown, fallen in love even more if that was possible and will celebrate 10 years this December! We still have kinks here and there alike most recently we’ve been having these idiotic debate argue-ish moments that neither one of us understand but overall we’re on board.

Probably the hardest thing for this year besides saving money and not spending the savings will be where God where direct me spiritually. I’ve been attending my current church for 11 years or more and recently have realized my time there may be up. The unfortunate thing about it is the pastors are also my in-laws and that posses a great degree of difficulty. I guess I really should have named this post PRAY FOR ME!

Welp, I’m ending this post here as I’m watching reruns of my absolute favorite show HGTV’s Fixer Upper, and pretending to be Joanna Gaines until I can actually do some decorating. Don’t forget to stay tuned to my newest blog series “The Closeted Designer”, I know blogging may come slowly during my peak work season September – May but I will try to find my inner superwoman and get it done.


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