Hello ALL!

Today I am in reflection mode well at least until my last few students get picked up as I am at work in this major flexible summer environment that I love. Yesterday we had dinner with one of our favorite coworker couples on campus who are coincidentally prepping for a future destined for ministry, ahem pastoral prophetic ministry. Well this particular evening our conversation was random as usual but alike many Christian folks with Christ being at the core you can never have a conversation and Christ not become apart at some point. We begin discussing various times we had dreams, times we’ve prayed, heard the voice of the Holy Spirit (for those who think they have yet to it sounds nothing more than a still small voice or even your conscience with a deep peace or assurance). At one point my husband and I were actually prophesied to regarding our future and how the enemy (evil, adversary, devil etc) was attempting to attack several things that would help us move forward in life. I was so taken aback at the truthfulness of what was being said and the fact we hadn’t shared things we had been witnessing and wondering about within our own lives I sat stunned in thought for a minute.

Have you ever had an encounter alike this? Generally unless you’ve experience something similar, it’s quite difficult to believe when you have someone talk to you about your life however, it’s also amazing to hear someone who doesn’t know a particular thing tell you something so accurate.


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