Time Redeemed


There are so many things I can think of personally that I either just knew I’d accomplish by now, am thankful to have accomplished, and those I wonder either if I ever will or in the grand scheme of things does it even matter any longer. I personally know Christ to be a redeemer of many things, one of the most precious things I’ve personally witnessed however, is time. God has accomplished some absolutely amazing things for me personally within these last three years let alone for my family. Some in which I never imagined and others I prayed for years to obtain and with every passing year it felt as if it would never happen. Every now and again as I become super self-reflective and take my usual life inventory, I have what John Mayer calls “Quarter Life Crisis” moments I wonder about what should have been and hasn’t. Then God in His most reassuring way inserts a person or situation in my life, a way of letting me know everything is on track and He is in control. I could sure use one of those moments right now. I’m certain one is on the horizon because Christ is just awesome like that. Internally praying for what’s next…

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.”  Isa.55.8.kjv


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