No Sleep Til Birthday…

Today it has rained like crazy, from thunderstorm to lightning bursts to flood watches it has been one wet stormy day. Nothing like a rainy day to get you together or give perspective. Hubby and I had plans to run out and do some last minute shopping in preparation for my munchkin’s birthday tomorrow (ahem…today Happy Birthday Sweetheart), and due to the rain and the fact that our home got hit by lightning I suppose we changed our minds. So…as of right now we have lost a few things due to the surge of electricity that was created by our home being hit by lightning.

  1. Our TV
  2. Hubbies Xbox One
  3. All direct TV boxes

Thank God all of these items were either insured or still under warranty but what a pain right? Wrong. It has actually been refreshing to not think about certain things. Meanwhile I began decorating my daughter’s room to surprise her with on her birthday tomorrow. I cannot believe my munchkin will be 9! Where does the time go? As I type I am reminded our house was struck by lightning and everyone including the house was safe and sound. Thank you Jesus! As I continue to prepare for tomorrow (such a long day ahead) with my company 5K and all of munchkin’s birthday festivities I hope I make it through as I am still battling a cold I received as a “gift” courtesy of my students this week!
Update: It’s 2:35pm Sunday and I still have use of all my members let alone my faculties so I guess the birthday event for munchkin was a success. We began at my company’s 5K where everyone had a great time. There’s still time to donate it’s definitely for a great cause as we are raising funds to benefit the kids and programs on campus as well as bringing more recognition to the organization. Afterwards we headed to Odyssey Fun World where 12 other kids met us and just had a unlimited ball for hours, and just when you thought I wasn’t a glutton for punishment I then had 5 girls over to join munchkin for a sleepover. There was pizza-making, dance contests, hide and seek in the dark, Xbox gaming, dance contests, and even a rip the runway contest! I’m am T-I-R-E-D but munchkin will have these memories of her childhood birthdays forever! It’s so very important to have quality time with your child(ren) over quantity of things, this sticks with them and they will grow up feeling loved, cared for, and adored mostly because they cannot deny the time that was spent and invested into them. Trust me I hear it constantly from my students who thank me for spending time playing games and or listening to things as simple as their day.

“Lord let me just take a minute right now to give you praise and glory for making all things work together for the good of those who love you! Everything ran together so effortlessly, even when multiple people who didn’t RSVP came or when the adults overate the children’s snacks there was more than enough provided and I thank you.”


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