Yesterday I was on a mission to make callbacks as I drove to run errands, and deliver groceries I never would have guessed my day would go as it did. Stopping by my grandmothers to bring her of all things two loaves of bread and a liter of pop, I had to practically beg her to allow me not to accept money from her. Leaving after having breakfast and good conversation I left feeling accomplished as it had been months since last I saw her and I was glad to have any amount of face-to-face communication with her. Continuing on my journey I’d return phone calls for several people, attempt to connect to others as well as pick up groceries for my mother and deliver them.

Midway I found the building for which photos have been drowning the pages of my social media this place is like the mecca of art and culture or at least it seems. The Stony Island Arts Bank, oh my goodness it makes you want to burn anything you thought you’ve ever created that you considered magnificent in any creative respect and take up space in it’s magnificent edifice to be apart of the culture and breathe its air. This place and its space is truly magic well magical in the sense of conjuring up a sense of creativity, wonder, amazement, and connection to Black culture and history. Prior to my finding this building and peering through the windows to get a glimpse of anything just knowing the inside was closed for the day, I found a building of an old school something for an upcoming project that could either work or be a definite addition to my creative spark and networking ability. If I ever felt as if it was ‘go time’ it definitely is, there are too many things to do, too much to read and learn, and too many people to meet and things to experience for me to waste another minute of life not walking in continual purpose. I feel like I’m rambling but in my heart I know someone will read this and know exactly what head space I’m in right now.


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