Holiday Lights

There’s nothing better than the Christmas holiday for me, it has always been a time of fun, family, and excitement from childhood and even today. I count down to fall and winter for a variety of reasons, the obvious being the holiday season but honestly we celebrate a plethora of great things from September until January and the best memories are made due to that fact. To name a few, munchkin’s birthday kicks things off in September. Due to my husband and I working for a boarding school the first 4 months are a slow build to a very busy schedule as the bulk of the school’s events, fundraisers and gatherings are all between September and January. The hubby and I have also noticed we tend to lose weight the easiest during the winter months how odd huh?

A few other reasons I love this time of year is because I got married on 12/3/05 and I know every December in some capacity the hubster and I will get some alone time that gives us the opportunity to be ourselves the “two kids building a dream prior to having our beloved munchkin” (oh AND then there’s the infamous anniversary shopping). I get to end the year with a glorious two-week vacation (the best pay off for 4 months of long days and hard-work), waiting to see if Jesus will let it snow for the kid in me, watching munchkin and other family members gasp at Christmas gifts, seeing my family I haven’t seen for half of the year or more, and the glorious opportunity to give God praise and usher in the new year with excitement for what’s to come.

This year Christmas time in Chicago would have appeared to begin early, I’d say I was in the Christmas spirit a week prior to Thanksgiving. Lol, yes I was ready to put up the tree and put out all my favorite glittery decor. Listening to 93.9 on the radio for unlimited Christmas music since Thanksgiving, it even snowed super early (hold up Jesus we cannot waste this good snow prior to Christmas). We left that snowy day and a few cold temperatures behind for what many in Chicago couldn’t believe and dared to even discuss for fear it may change, 50 – 60 degree days and rain in DECEMBER! Now as I type it’s December 29th and just yesterday it snowed for maybe the third time in the last two months. Looking outside I was shocked to see the slushy snow build up due to the rain coming through temperatures still not cold enough to completely freeze the drops.

All the homes on campus where I reside are lit up, well most of them except ours. You’d think by now we’d have decorating the exterior of a house down but no not this city chick lol, I’m the decor nut and interior designer of the fam but my hubby isn’t the most handy guy so instead of doing the pointing and directing in this particular area I’d be the one who’d have to figure it out. Don’t judge us we are a work in progress with the whole Christmas lights deal. Munchkin keeps asking for those huge globes and moving decorations that make it look like Santa regurgitated on the yard. Since we don’t participate in that aspect, I always attempt to make our home look as festive as possible.

Here are a few of my of Christmas pictures. A few from our house decor, pictures of our time away and a fun outing with our munchkin, as well as one with my gorgeous sister, uber cute dog Brownlie (who turned 1 Dec 7th) and 2 other pics I threw in for good measure.   😉

This year munchkin fell asleep before we could bake our traditional Christmas cookies for Santa, so I put a leftover tin of cookies we give our parents each year for Christmas. The note pictured tells why as I was intending to keep what little is left of munchkin’s belief at 9 years old of Santa but that too alike my vacation on Sunday night is coming to an end. (Side bar: That’s just like a spoiled person to complain on the 8th day of a 2 week vacation that it will soon end huh?) Lol, but I digress…

As I finish this post I began in the wee hours it is now 12:20 pm, I’ve been staying up progressively later each evening since Christmas eve, I’m no spring chicken anymore so I’ve got to began going to sleep earlier each night now in preparation for going back to work Monday. Arggghh! Looking over the pics and reminiscing on how joyful the holidays were makes me wish we could repeat December from start to finish. I’ve had an amazing time this month and on top of all I mentioned the hubby and I celebrated 10 years of marriage this month! We had an amazing time away and by far one of the best even though our plans for a house on the beach of FL fell apart, we may just have to add that to our scheduled family vacation in summer eh?

I hope your December and holiday season was as dope as ours and I pray blessings to you for this new year ahead! I’ll leave you with one of my Christmas favorites below.

Farewell holiday lights…



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