Forgive me as this post is a day late but definitely not a dollar short as the background for this post still brings a smile to my face. I became fine wine on April 18th of this year and though it was a work day for me, my husband more than made up for what I felt I lacked in birthday pizazz.

The Saturday to follow was put aside to celebrate my birthday and this was well-known as my husband declared it would be the day we celebrated my birthday officially. A little background, I began my birthday lacking my usual birthday joy. There was no ceremonial jump on the bed (as I’ve done in each of my adult years prior), there was no over-the-top birthday budget or spending, and there were no multiple birthday photos drowning my social media feeds. For some reason, I just didn’t have the birthday spirit.

I had just overcome a two-week depression of sorts not regarding getting older but dealing with silent truths that seemingly the Lord would no longer allow me to contain. Two weeks prior to my birthday was one of great self-expression, argument, honesty, trial, and apprehension. Combine that with my job and I was just emotionally, spiritually, and physically exhausted, and it showed! As I gathered what crumbs of myself I had left, to add insult to injury I gained a whopping 20 pounds during this little two-week sorry-fest of mine. Stepping onto the scale a week before my dinner with munchkin and hubby I was in disbelief as I didn’t feel any different but boy oh boy did the scale not agree with me! As if things couldn’t get any worse, hubby and I had an argument and we just couldn’t meet in the middle. Things began to turn around a bit directly after this upset. Little by little my family and friends began to unveil birthday surprises.

20160418_141923_resizedMy best friend since high school and I hadn’t seen each other since November of 2015 and though that may not seem like a big deal, we’ve spent the last year really getting to know one another as adults. We were both stupid busy almost all of the beginning 2016 up until literally April 17th and she came by for a quick visit. She also came bearing gifts that she’d purchased for myself and another mutual friend. My first Pandora bracelet and charm (my beautiful ring courtesy of my hubby of course 🙂 I became overwhelmed with her visit because honestly I’d been feeling like I needed to be surrounded by friends and family and just weeks prior. My other best friend from high school and her family finally made the trek to my home. Can you say #friendreunion? So….needless to say I was feeling L-O-V-E-D! The pictures below are of my other bestie and the surprise reunion visit from my father on the same day. I was also blessed to spend some much-needed quality time with my father and he spent some quality time sleeping peacefully lol!

20160421_214120After having some great days, though my smile returned as I stated it was time to gear up for my birthday and a chica was just not feeling it. In the interim of waiting for my dinner with my little family, my husband and I had an argument. I’m thankful to report after 10 years of marriage arguments are really rare but in true guy fashion later that same evening he would give me a part of my birthday gift. It definitely made me smile as only a few days earlier after receiving my first piece of Pandora jewelry from my friend we traveled to their store to become educated on the brand and their selections. Somehow my husband was able to purchase one of the items I admired. That argument was definitely adjourned. I’ll have to take a picture with me wearing the items it’s really a beautiful set.
Aside, I have always wondered what the hoopla regarding the crazy lines in Pandora was about. Though I never went inside as I had no intention of jumping on the Pandora bandwagon, I can honestly say they have really crafted some very nice pieces; and made a believer out of me!

Saturday finally arrived and each day leading up to it had been something uniquely special in its own right. From birthday wishes from students on campus, to cake and ice cream with my own students, a last minute trip down memory lane in my old stomping grounds of Hyde Park Chicago and a host of beautiful birthday messages via social media. (I went without realizing the way my birthday week actually went until just now.) A mani/pedi, outfits for our family dinner of three, an old fashioned Egyptian blowout and my hair curled by actual oven iron curlers not flatirons! (Can you feel my nostalgic frustration?) Upon preparing to get ready I just wasn’t feeling my outfit and almost canceled dinner. Last minute call from my best friend (to distract me I’d later find out she laid it on thick) by inviting me to a concert to see Erica Campbell even sending me pictures of her in dress attire for the concert. To only find out later that she and a few others including my third best friend (since the 7th grade!) were all awaiting my arrival at the restaurant.

I was sooooo surprised, in all my 10 years of marriage and the two years we dated he has given me some great and really thoughtful gifts but he’d never surprised me with a dinner or party. I felt so loved and appreciated really and in shock that my friends and some family were aware and even my munchkin kept this secret from me. The only thing that could have been better would have been having my parents, siblings, and third best friend (yes I have 3) present. I am so in love with my husband already but this display of thoughtfulness right here was uber special to me because he totally planned everything from A-Z and made each day leading up to the surprise dinner special. Am I losing my touch that I can be tricked so easily lol?


My tiny familia and I…the man in the middle is definitely the love of my life, even when he gets on my nerves I’m such a blessed chick.




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