Writers Unite

I began a writing challenge with a good friend of mine and some invited others on Facebook. The premise is to join her in getting back to writing a love we both share among the others invited. I do believe the challenge began April 16th but I could be incorrect. Whatever the case I have really been cognitive of my writing and keeping track of an impromptu mental schedule that reminds me each day to write. It’s fun to utilize a longtime love of mine to express myself, as writing has always been my solace. I can recall putting pen to paper very earlier even when the words didn’t make sense as a toddler I’d write.

Over the years, I have begun and finished a collection of journals and diaries. Before I had a family of my own I wrote nearly every day! Having a family changes so much, but it has never changed my desire and love to express myself, experiences, frustrations and even chronicle my life through writing. This blog is definitely an extension of that and though I’m not writing here as much as I’d prefer. I’m happy to share the things that I am able. To be honest I haven’t checked my readership in forever. For all I know it’s just me reading and writing the posts. The beautiful thing is if that’s true it wouldn’t matter, I would continue to share here.

Have you ever been a part of a writing challenge?
I just realized WordPress posted this a few days ago…how befitting for this post?



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