Lately I…

Lately, I’ve had so much going on as per usual I haven’t been able to keep up with getting here to post. I hate throwing the last few months of my life all in one post but for sequence and sanity sake I just may.

Last I left off I had the midnight munchies and since then not much has changed accept EVERYTHING! Ok, perhaps I exaggerate a tad, I’m thinking a bulleted list will be best.

  • End of the school year has come.
  • The last of my original students that started out with me in 6th grade have graduated.
  • We won a ton of awards this year and had the valedictorian in our house.
  • Got some cool furniture projects.
  • Starting a new blog with friends…
  • DIME is back in action.
  • Mom is sick and in the hospital.
  • Summer is upon us which means Father’s Day and the hubby’s birthday is near!

I think that about sums things up. To elaborate on the not so specifics you read my post on my awesome birthday right? If not click here and check it out. With all my husband did it’s almost impossible not to repay the favor the only thing being it’s not a milestone birthday for him and he has one coming up in two years so I really want to wait to “do it big” for lack of a better phrase.

In my mind, I’d like to get some people over to the house on Saturday and have a barbecue but then that would involve him cooking, I don’t want him to think I’m doing a surprise dinner like he did me so perhaps I’ll cater food here? Not sure yet. Have you thrown some kick-butt surprises for your spouse? If so I’d love some suggestions, and then there’s always Pinterest!

DIMECD is back and I’m yet again reinventing what I had before after some deliberation and encouragement from a friend I was reminded that I’m dope and should consider offering the skills and talents God has blessed me with and stop comparing myself to others. If my gift really does make room for me like the bible says then I need to allow it to work for me right? I recently got a new web client and I’ve got some things cooking so I’m excited. Another thing on the business front is a design/decor blog I’m starting with a friend. I’m hoping it turns out great as I feel it has the potential to be huge but one thing that I’ve learned about myself is I’m always excited at the onset of something but then it fizzles out. I believe this to be my visionary/creative nature and once the creative buzz dies down I can become a little bored. The key I’m finding is to roll things out and quickly get back to production on something new that I feel challenges or sparks my creative nature. This probably also explains why consulting for me is a great fit because I get to take on new problems and meet new people with each project I take on.

Yesterday, I helped my mother get checked into the ER, the events leading up to that day were a hot mess. My mother has congenital heart failure, I’ve known this and the effects of it since I was fourteen or so. She has been sick on off my entire life but has never considered the surgery that would make her well. This has been the thorn in my side for multiple years and as I got older and understood more about her disease, her option to have a better quality of life (though she never takes advantage of said option), and my mother’s very stubborn nature it’s only become more difficult.  I have taken care of my mother since I was fifteen years old, anything from running store errands when she couldn’t to coming home on long weekends from college in the middle of the night to pick up her prescriptions or take her the emergency room.

Throughout the years, she has gone back and forth between the gamut of being sick and sicker. My mom has been hospitalized at least 5 times each time due to either overindulging or not taking medication. This most recent time is no different as lately she’s been falling out of the bed and hiding the number of times behind Tylenol and Ibuprofen. I found out she was swollen full of fluid that leaks from her leaky heart valve and made the incredibly difficult decision to call an ambulance. Why in the world did I do that? My mom may be sick, she may be frail, she may even be thin as a rail, one thing that has not faded is her mind. She takes pride in her ability to maintain her mind through all the crazy scary things that have happened to her body.  After her fussing and kicking out family members in my mini intervention, she ended up going to the emergency room two days later. I hope they keep her for at least a week so she can get well and the care she needs as well as some rest for us both 😉

I think that about covers the majority folks, and now to tackle this table I’ve been gifted for munchkin I’ll post pics later on Pinterest follow me there!





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