Command Your Mornings


I was given two books lately authored by Dr. Cindy Trimm, what I find to be interesting is even though I was earlier introduced to her a couple of years ago I’d only searched her videos on YouTube. I actually gave my mother a book of hers recently but never took the time to read any myself. So when gifted two back-to-back I began to open them and take a look.

Ever find that you just can’t get into some books right away and others either fit your time, situations, or are such page turners when you originally judged them not to be? Well the two books I’ve been given definitely are on time for me and packed with material for study. These aren’t for the faint of spiritual heart as well they may be a seasonal read.

The first book I was introduced to is Dr. Trimm’s book on prayer.


This book right here amazed me as it outlines everything about prayer and then some. Tells you how to pray, the specifics, mechanics, and gives a prayer that’ll make you wonder (if you haven’t) “why haven’t I been taught this?” I’ve been reading this for about 2 weeks now and it’s a definite keep in my spiritual resource library. Lol, that sounds so professional doesn’t it? Ha! (Bookshelf)

Now the 2nd book I’ll list I haven’t explored as much there are two editions and my picture is of the former as it’s the one I was gifted. I immediately was drawn to the title but I’ve only been able to read over a particular chapter that resonates with me as of yet.


You can tell from Dr. Trimm’s hairstyle probably that this book may be a little dated but the information is definitely not. The chapter as I discussed that’s been holding my interest is titled “Overnight Success”. It is also the chapter I found the beginning scripture from and to my amazement had never read nor heard before. If you have the opportunity to check out these books do so and drop a comment with your opinion of either. I’ll be getting back to my morning devotion time, but I had to share!


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