I am very limited to what I can do to spruce up my space with my space (#renting). Before you shout out your favorite DIYer on YouTube, Pinterest, or Blogger (I follow many) I prefer to let my own personal style come through. There are times when I am collecting pieces for decor that I’ve seen and admire and other times I just feel my way through. There are several backyard/patio sets and scenes I admire and others that I’d love that don’t quite fit the budget nor my style, I haven’t decided upon a particular look but little by little I’m finding my way and definitely having fun while doing so.

I somehow neglected to take a picture of the patio when we first moved in, I’ll have to add a picture of a neighbor’s later. A few pics that I do have are as follows…



My next project, blog post forthcoming…


Here is the only picture I have showing my entire patio, I hate things are neat (since you cannot see it’s evolution from this picture) minus my current new project I started before sundown tonight. It was empty for the longest time, and then full of my munchkin’s toys, bikes, and husband’s grill and “grandpa chair” (a folding lawn chair I got at Walmart for $3 two years ago). I’ve done a good job condensing things and hiding others but as I look at this pic I see that white box sticking out like a sore thumb and the grill I CANNOT wait to get rid of (wait for it…as it’s soon to come this Father’s Day for my hubby).

I decided earlier this year that I’d add more than mulch and lights to the surrounding area and make things look a little more inviting. what’s on my current list besides the obvious (patio furniture)?

  1. Patio lighting
  2. A colorful table runner
  3. Patio rug/runner and other small rugs
  4. More rocks and stepping stones
  5. Outdoor basket for grilling items and my daughter’s toys
  6. Faux plants and planters
  7. Possible hummingbird feeder and or window boxes

One thing I’d love to do is remove this darn flowering tree that deposits more bad than good in my yard, patio, and sidewalk year round…sheesh!


Another view of the patio and this darn flowering tree!

Reviewing this picture I realize now I need more substantial yard lighting and from this angle, my other unfinished project (the white/black antique chair on the patio) needs to be removed! I purchased a cutesy accent rug (pictured below) that was on a bomb.com clearance sale at Target the other day and I cannot wait to place it outside for some additional color, it’s for indoors but who says that’s how it has to be used?


This may look very plain to you but if you knew what things looked like prior this is a total upgrade (smile). These pictures were taken during Memorial Day weekend when the inspiration hit to start getting things together. Yesterday I finished sanding and painting this stool (below) and it is now added seating and some colorful height to place a potted plant, one of my favorite lanterns or some other eye candy.



Cutesy stool



With stool (don’t laugh at my flowerless plant)

It will be fun to look back over this pictures as I continue to add things to this patio and see how far it came. It’s also amazing as I review this pic, I still see things I want to run outside and change but alas as I type this post it’s 12:30am and I will not be battling any raccoons for decor 🙂

Stay tuned for future updates to this post…





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